Free dinosaur (Jurrasic Park) party printables

My adorable nephew Maddox will be turning 4 in March and my sister asked that this year his theme be Jurrassic Park! She wanted a dinosaur theme (he's totally obsessed) but not cutesy, something more tough. This is what I came up with. I am still trying to figure out how to make the files more easy to be downloaded/shared. I don't want to dish out the $400 it could cost me to buy Adobe Acrobat to create .pdf files and when I save the images to a word document the image sizes get shrunk down for some reason. Again I'm a veterinarian and NOT a graphic designer so I appologize. If anyone could tell me a cheap way to create shareable .pdf files or some way to easily share downloads that would be much appreciated. Until now hopefully these will work for your guys. The party isn't until March so seeing the files "in action" won't happen for a while but I tried to take photos of most things in real life:

Ziploc sandwich bag toppers for snacks.

Straw toppers. These files are blank so you can add your own text to personalize them.  I just printed out the files onto sticker paper and cut them out double sided and stuck them together around the straw.

Cupcake toppers

Goody bag "Thank you" tags.
These are 2 files put together.  First I printed and cut out the large Thank You tags then put them on top of the little note cards and tied them with jute twine.
I made some extra little cards with random dinosaurs on them to be used throughout the party and in center pieces.

I also created some "carnivore" and "herbivore" garlands to be hung on different tables.  One featuring veggies and fruits, and the other meats.

My sister always goes all out with invites.  These will be delivered in person.  This is an 8X8 inch box that has plastic dinosaurs, a canteen, and some binoculars as well as the invitation in it.  I printed them on sticker paper for the party but the image below is just printed on regular paper just to give the effect.  Stick paper is expensive so I didn't want any of that to go to waste!

I also created these little food piks.

Lastly here is the invitation.  Sarah just glued the invite to the inside lid of the box.

So here are the actual digital files.  Ideally you'd just click on it to enlarge the images, then save to your computer.  Then open it in your photo editing software (I use photoshop) and add your own text.  They are all meant to be printed in 8X10 format.
Canteen stickers.  These are sized to be 4X4 which is how the canteens that she ordered online come but the file could be resized to fit your needs.
Cupcake toppers.  I think these fit a 2" circle punch
These you will have to cut out. Follow the border of the image to discard the rough edges.

These next few files are all out of order but there are lettered for Carnivore and Herbivore banners.  The herbivores are in green and the carnivores are in red.

Large blank tags.  Just add your own text in white to personalize.
Toothpick/straw flags
Editable water bottle labels

Cupcake wrappers  

More toothpick/straw flags

Blank cards to edit as you see fit.
Blank small straw toppers.

I hope that you guys enjoy these and that they can be of some use to you!  I'll post photos of them in use after the birthday party in March!


Super cute party! Thanks for sharing!
Those printables are awesome!! Thank you very much for sharing!
jennymitch78 said…
Hi! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas! My son is also having a dinosaur birthday party. Would you be willing to share some of your designs via email attachment? I tried to save them to my computer like you said but it just isn't working. I was especially interested in the thank you card and tag along with a few others. Thank you again for sharing your creations!
Roger Harris said…
Just came across your jurassic freebies and they are brilliant! Thankyou so much! Do you have any photos of the party food etc itself to show how some of it was used. Looking forward to using it all for my sons 4th birthday next month.
Roger Harris said…
Hi, thankyou so much for the printables. I have been looking for ages for dinosaur related party printables, usually there is a cost attached! Came accross your blog and these are perfect! My dinosaur (t-rex especially) son will love this for his 4th birthday next month! Just wondered whether you have any photos from the party to show how you used some of the items like the cupcake wrappers, party bags etc!? Thanks again Melody (UK)
Melody said…
Hi, love this thankyou!! Have you got any pictures from the party to give me some more inspiration? Thanks Melody
Jamie Crabtree said…
These are great! Thanks for sharing. Is there a printable for the invitation? Thanks again!!
JenRice said…
LOVE these! Any chance you'd share the invite as well?!
ordynaryme said…
Thank you so much! This is amaizing! You are so creative!!
Anne Olson said…
Thank you so much for sharing your images. It really saved me a lot of time! Your hard work is much appreciated!
Rosi Ferreira said…
Thank you so much!!! You're so creative!!!
These are excellent! Thanks for sharing your fun work!
lil said…
I also cannot get my computer to download the printables. My son is having a Jurassic World party and this would be perfect for him is there anyway you could send them to me or advise how to get it to work that would be much appriciated. These are amazing!
Teri said…
These are fantastic! Thank yoh!
cheena said…
Thanks for sharing! These are so nice! :)
I LOVE these! You are SO talented. Im trying to print the "Roar Carnivore" thank you cards and I can't seem to save it to my computer. Can you help me? Thank you in advance for any help you can give....
These are so cute and you are so talented...i wish i could do this. I can't seem to save them to my computer though....can you help me?
Lacey Dinh said…
Can you please help me download the free printable invitation. It does not allow me to save them and edit them.

I have to organize my 10 years old son' party in two days. THANK YOU! You saved my life!!! :)
From Argentina,
Kind regards,
Melissa Momand said…
I'm not able to see a link to download the printables...they are adorable and I'd love to customize them for my son's birthday!
Super thanks! Your printables were a blessing for my 5 year old darling's dinosaur theme birthday party! Loved the thank you notes. Stay smiling. Luv n blessings!
very good, where I can download ...

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