For the love of a continent...

Okay so I'm feeling much better YEA! Praises on that end. Still don't have all the test results back yet but at least I'm responding... now this post is actually meant to be about one of my favorite subjects - AFRICA!!! In one of my yahoo groups someone posted a question to the other families about if we were going to pursue another adoption and would it be from Ethiopia again. I think, in almost every case of someone pursuing an international adoption, that they have a particular country in mind BEFORE they even decide to adopt 100%. I know for Michael and I, it's one of the questions we get asked the most - "why Ethiopia"?
So tonight as I was answering her question I started to reflect on why it is that I am so IN LOVE with Africa, and I was able to really simplify it even for myself -

I "exist" in America but I'm "alive" in Africa.

Basically meaning that here...I'm comfortable. My body breaths in and out and basically does what it needs to to sustain life. In Africa one week feels like a month. You live a lot in a short amount of time. Don't get me wrong, I love our country and I was beyond thrilled to be back home after we got Ezra and have roads and safe water to drink and be able to open my mouth in the shower :), but at the same time I am sooooo lonesome for the people and the simplicity of Africa. The sense of community and responsibility for each other's well-being that they have there. Of course I'm not naive and I know that not all of Africa is sunshine and rainbows, there's still civil war, rape, genocide, infanticide, disease, famine, drought..... but through all that I see people who have such strong faith and can still smile and be hopeful. I guess THAT is MY Africa.


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