Back in town

Well we went to Shreveport for the 4th and got back this afternoon. I'm just exhausted. Keeping up with Ezzy is a full time job. He just would not eat or sleep while we were there b/c he just had too much to explore and too many people to visit. So I am glad to be home where we'll get some of our routine back. I get to see my Somali family tomorrow and I'm really excited. I bought several little English workbooks at Target of all places so I'm excited to go through those with the boys, hopefully they're interested :) I desperately need to get my hair done but I'm going to be working the next 9 days in a row - yuck! But it will be good for $$ so I just have to stay focused on the prize (Million). Michael still wants to wait for turn in our application but I'm just dying to start the process so while I wait I'm saving my money just in case :)


how I wish I had known you and Ezra were in Shreveport :) We could have met for a play date. :( Glad you are home though, I know what that is like with a little one who wants to be home! We go out of town this weekend and that is the only thing I am worried about.


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