Dress up and dishwasher fun

Well right now I'm really hoping to get accepted into the Christian Veterinary Missions short terms missions group. I hope to teach veterinary students at Mekele University for 2 weeks. Mekele is where the boy we're interested in adopting lives so I would be able to visit the transition home there and see him which would be amazing! The bad news for us is that Michael's car died yesterday. The engine and radiator are done so now we have to junk it and get a new car and he's still not working yet. All this Navy paperwork is taking FOREVER!!!!! The other down side of the mission trip is that you have to pay your way so I'm hoping to be able to do some fundraising.

So Ezra's new favorite thing to do is to crawl into the dishwasher as I'm trying to unload it. These are a few pics of the process of getting a wooden spoon :)

When we went to Fossil Rim my brother Weston had this Groucho Marx type "disguise" so we each took turns putting it on. Ezra wasn't too excited about it though. By the way the cigarette looking thing is a little perfume spray bottle :)

This is a photo of my mom, my step dad, and my brother Weston.


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