This and That...

Well our Adopt Africa magnets for our next adoptions fundraiser will hopefully be in on Thursday!!! YEA! I'm ready to get the fundraising going. We have our last homestudy for Ezra's adoption in December and I wish we could do a homestudy for our next adoption at the same time but still no new word from the Navy as to when Michael will start working :(
So here is a hodge podge of pics from San Diego some from home,and from Halloween. I recently went to San Diego for a veterinary conference and it was awesome! I loved it there and can't wait to go back and actually not be stuck in class most of the day. I ran into a whole crew of LSU students on the street so that was really neat as well. They were doing something for a PR class. My best friend and vet school classmate Meena came with me and we had a great time as you can see in some of these pics. I went on a seal tour and saw huge sea lions!

Hide and Seek

HEY BABE... WHERE'S EZRA?????????????



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