Just pictures!

So I have FINALLY sat down long enough to upload some photos of Ezzy from the past month or so.

Raymond, one of my best friends and Ezra's "parrain"-(Godfather) came to visit a few weeks ago to see Ezra before heading to South Africa for a month to see the World Cup. These are some pictures of his visit to Fort Worth.

Ezra's showing us his teeth :)

Bath time can be so much fun for moms too! Ezra's sideways mohawk :)

Swimming at Sayce's house with floaties for the first time. Of course Ezra prefers to refer to his floaties as "snuffies"!

The Afro-mullet. I tried and tried to get a good picture of this incredible hair-do but I couldn't manage it :(

Who needs Guitar Hero when you have the real thing!

This weekend we worked on takeing our back yard from this:

to this:

Thank you for the awesome Birthday presents Sayce and Gommy! - love Ezra


Ben and Linda said…
Ezra is SO adorable!!! It's amainzg how much he's grown since you've brought him home. He seems so happy!
I'm curious what you use on his hair. We're experimenting right now with Bereket's hair and could use any pointers. :-)

Debb said…
Jeff and I are getting a kick out of Ezra's sideways mowhawk! What an adorable little guy!

I agree with Linda, in that he sure is happy! :o)

Very sweet!
Karen said…
Becky - Ezra is just adorable and looks so happy! Your family is truly blessed! with love, Karen Wistrom

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