Ezra IS Spiderman

The other day Ezra went to the doctor and they gave him a Spiderman sticker.  He studied it like one would a painting by VanGogh and asked me, "Mama... is this me?"

This is how much he LOVES Spiderman.  He is in a constant state of web-slinging and web-swinging, made even more possible by the fact that Michael has hung a "web" in the garage for him to swing from.  Here are some photos of what it's like to live with Spiderman.

This is what ensues when Ezra watches Spiderman on TV: (note his t-shirt, he's a bit crazy about the little web slinger)

Intimidation at it's finest.

When he pretends he's Spiderman in his room:

Spiderman does a gig!

Ezra always wears his mask inside out for some reason.  He looks more like a scary ghost then Spiderman.

Swinging on his webs:

When all the "web slinging" is done, Daddy is there waiting with a big hug :)


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