An update on the kids and life in general...

Today is a hearing for Libby's case.  We were hoping that they would terminate parental rights today so we could proceed with her adoption but it looks like that may not happen until May some time.  We got a copy of the court papers for today and no where did it mention termination of rights, so I think it's just a 6 month review hearing :(  So I'll keep you guys posted once I hear from her attorney hopefully later today.  Everything still seems like it will be fine for our chances to adopt her so I'm not worried about it, BUT it would just be nice not to have that hanging over our heads. 
My mom is doing great with her chemotherapy.  She had an allergic reaction to her first protocol so they changed up her meds and so far it's good aside from the typical stomach upset type stuff.  So she only has 3 more treatments left and then she's DONE!  Yea!
Libby just cut her THIRD tooth!  How exciting!  And today I noticed that she's got 2 more teeth trying to come in.  Ezra loves to look for new teeth and likes to feel them :)  hahahaha... Today he showed me his Frosty the Snowman stuffed toy and told me that Frosty got a new tooth too! 
Ezra still is totally enamored with Libby and he's super sweet with her.  I still feel so blessed that he was so accepting of her and is super protective of her.  I'm sure he'll be a fantastic big brother. 
I have been working pretty much full time these last few weeks since my boss was on a mission trip to India and I needed the extra money so I have been neglecting the blog-sorry.  Plus my pinterest addiction pretty much takes up all of my internet time. 

We went to Shreveport last weekend to see Michael's family.  We got to visit with cousins and went to the Duck Pond.  Here are some photos from our visit:

Cousin Cooper and Ezra sitting on my lap for reading time.

I had to cover up little Libby unfortunately.  Can't wait to show her off once she's adopted.

Cooper trying to squeeze his head through the bars... reminds me of a scene in X-Men.

Ezra (AKA Spiderman) doing some web swinging at the park:

Aunt Jennifer (AKA Tia) with Cooper looking at the geese.

The best smile in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paula said…
I can't wait to see baby Libby! Beautiful kids, beautiful pictures.
Deena said…
He DOES have the best smile! Great to hear an update. I'll say a prayer that your court hearing goes well. Can't wait to see a picture of your little beauty!

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