Ezra's first non-family birthday party

A few weekends ago Ezra attended the birthday party for a girl from his school named Ava. It was his first non-family member birthday party and I think I was more excited about it then he was :) One of the best parts of parenting is being able to share in your child's "firsts". Like their first tooth, first haircut, first Christmas, etc. So I was really happy that he seemed to have a great time at the party. At first he was VERY hestitant about the whole thing even though he was surrounded by kids he knew from school. His sensory processing issues reared their ugly head for a little while, but once he realized, hey, this is a fun thing, he jumped right in and had a blast with the other kiddos. Here are some pictures from the party.
I got some great ones of Libby but sadly I can't share them until she's adopted which hopefully will be at the end of September some time. We are headed to another birthday party tomorrow and I hope that as we continue to go on social outtings Ezra's anxiety about crowds and loud noises will continue to abate more and more.


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