Four months of dieting update

So today makes the end of my fourth month dieting.  In total I've lost 51 pounds.

This month I didn't lose as much as I'd like BUT I started doing CrossFit training and the shape of my body has changed quite a lot.

I actually gained 3#'s my first two weeks of doing CrossFit.  I have to admit that I hated see the scale going in the opposite direction BUT I love what it's doing for my body.  I would recommend CrossFit to EVERYONE!  It's fun and exciting and killer and exhausting.  I usually go to the 5:30am class and I'm home by 6am.  Most workouts last no more then 12 minutes!  That's 12 minutes of High Intensity Inverval Training which if you remember from my older posts is the way to go.  You basically work out until you've used up all of your oxygen/energy stores so your body then has to turn to your fat to burn for energy.  Even when you're done working out your body will continue to burn calories up to 36 hours later! 
I love it b/c it is something new everyday and it's a surprise so I have no excuses not to go.  For example if I knew ahead of time that we'd be doing thrusters (see the video below):

I would likely be hesitant to show up b/c they SUCK but when I get there I just have to put on my big girl panties and get it done.  So I have learned this month to ignore the scale and just see how my body shape is changing and how I'm fitting into my old clothes. 

I also wanted to share some delicious recipes I found and put into our meal rotation.  Here they are:

Cheesy Chicken and Rice Bake:
To make the healthy version we substituted with brown rice, Greek yogurt, and fat free cheddar cheese. It was still delicious and very filling.

Smoky Corn and Black Bean Pizza:
We just bought the pre-made wheat crust from the grocery store and I substituted salsa instead of
bar-b-q sauce to cut down on calories.  Note:  make sure you drain the fluid from the salsa or else the crust will get soggy.


Mike and Leslie said…
Congrats!!! There isn't much better than being able to actually see the results of all your hard work. This is great motivation :)
Kayla Lee said…
awesome job! i just joined a biggest loser challenge on MFP and feel so great after only 10 days. I would like to try crossfit but yes it looks totally scary.

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