Naughty or Nice

Libby and Ezra could not be more different personalities. Ezra has his sensory processing issues (which are barely even noticeable anymore) but otherwise has been a very easy, polite, attentive, and responsible child. Libby on the other hand is a ball of energy that has her own agenda and a hurricane couldn't stop her from getting/doing what she wants when she wants. She's like a grenade, she packs a huge punch in a super small package. I've also equated her to a honey badger, a hurricane, a tasmanian devil... you get my drift. :) She wears me out but then she gives me her super cute toothy grin and I melt.
Just look at those dimples:
This photo pretty much sums up Libby's personality :)
"Wanna see me cram this whole thing in my mouth?"
Here goes...
"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea."
"There, ya see I told you I could do it!"
Keeping a hairbow on Libby is nearly impossible.  This is usually how she starts out:
Looking cute wearing her monogrammed elf shirt with her big brother:
The naughty-ness begins with playing in the dog water:
And culminates with this:


Paula said…
Oh my goodness... she is SO adorable. What beautiful kids you have!

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