Circus Party Printable FREEBIES!

This year my sister is throwing a "circus" themed party for my nephew and asked me to make her some goodies for the party. I decided to share the files here with you guys as well for FREE! The signage below was created large because she is going to place them in the middle of large plastic popcorn buckets like the one seen below. The files can be resized however you like though in any image editing software or you can just choose to print them in a different size. The size I created them to be printed in is 8.5 X 11.
For these treat bag toppers you can just add your own child's name and then duplicate the layers until you have several on one page.  If using an 8x10 template I could fit 8 to a page and still print the size I wanted.  I cut the corners off of the top to make it have more of a luggage tag type feel and ran red and white striped twine through to attach to the treat bags.
These little elphants were used to make a little wrap around the invites as seen in the image below.  Then we glued a little feather to the backs on the top near the head to give them a 3D fancy circus elephant feel.
Since I didn't take any photos before I sent them to my sister this is a rendering of what they would have looked like.  I also sadly didn't save the invitations in an editable form so I'm sorry that I can't include those for you to use as well.
Here is a file for the stripes to wrap around the invites.  As you can see there's not clear deliniation as to where to cut them and I kind of did that on purpose so you can choose how thin or wide you would like them.
These cupcake toppers are sized to be printed 8.5 X 11 and cut out with a 2" circle cutter. You can add your own text to the centers.
This file looks a little crazy but it's supposed to be straw flags. I left the space varying greatly b/c on some you may want to write something simple like "THREE" or on others "Happy Birthday" basically I just wanted to leave lots of room to use either side for text and as much text as you would like, plus they needed extra room to cut out the little flag shapes in the ends. Hopefully you guys can figure it out since I didn't take any pictures of my finished products before I shipped them to my sister.


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