A VERY late Easter update

Over Easter we traveled to Louisiana to celebrate my nephew Maddox's birthday party and also to spend Easter with family and friends in Shreveport and Baton Rouge.  The photos below are sort of in a jumble b/c I still haven't figured out how to upload them properly without them getting all mixed up so bear with me.  But since I have so little time to actually sit down and upload photos I'm just happy to get them posted at all :)  Maddox's party had a circus train, petting zoo, balloon artist, and jump house so the kids were entertained thoroughly.
Here is a photo of Ezra with my personal favorite kind of tortoise, an African Spur Theigh.  I would LOVE to have one of my own but as you can see they grow to be quite large and without a proper yard for them to dig in, etc. I don't think it would be fair to get one just yet. 

We drove to Shreveport on Sunday and luckily were able to have a little Easter egg hunt with cousin Cooper!  Libby just wanted to chew the plastic eggs.  She didn't want to find them for herself.  She'd just wait until the kids weren't looking and go steal theirs!

I love this picture because I caught the moment that Libby walked up to Ezra's basket, grabbed an egg, and took off running.  Ezra's reaction is priceless!  She's SUCH a little stinker!

Ezra sporting his clown eyewear at Maddox's birthday party!

  Easter egg hunt at Papaw's house.

Libby wasn't too sure about all the critters running around at Maddox's petting zoo.

Maddox and Ezra on the other hand were some reptile enthusiasts!

We were able to make a trip to LSU and introduced Ezra and Libby to Mike the Tiger for the first time and showed Ezra "Death Valley".

My sister made TONS of these cardboard pieces to decorate the entire yard and house. 
This is a super small sampling of what she made.  We are definitely cut from the same cloth :)

On Good Friday we attended a crawfish boil put on by my sister's in laws.  Mr. Alvin makes the BEST boiled crawfish and the kids LOVE playing in the huge yard.  Ezra was showing off his soccer skills.

Ezra wasn't too sure about this tiger statue at LSU.  Even with assurances from mom and dad he was VERY hesitant to put his hands near the tiger's mouth just in case!

More soccer time.

Ezra and Maddox helped Mr. Alvin soak down/purge the crawfish before they went into the pot.

My sweet nephew Maddox.  Total boy and TOTAL CAJUN!

Ezra, is that a crawfish in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?!

Even Crawfish need kisses every now and then...


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