The infamous Libby Rose Burk. At 2.5 years old Libby has aged me by at least 10 years. I think she literally is the reason I started getting grey hairs. As trying as she can be at times, she is I think so much like myself I can't believe I'm not her birth mother. She's independent, strong willed, tough, creative, empathetic, drawn to sparkly things, energetic, quick to forgive, loveable, defiant, mischievious, adorable, hilarious, bossy... OURS!

 I thank God for her birth parents making the decision to allow her to be loved unconditionally through clenched teeth or an open grin. Just the way I imagine God feels about His own children. If you are one of the random people who read this blog and you happen to know someone who gave a child up for adoption or know of someone who is considering adoption it can NOT be said enough... birth parents are on our minds ALL the TIME! I pray for my childrens' birth parents and think of them daily. I wonder what they were like, if they are okay, I pray that God will tell them that their child is loved and adored and happy. I pray that they are happy. I think of them as extended family members. I literally get tears in my eyes just writing this sentence. I LOVE THEM with all that I am. Of course I know absolutely nothing about Ezra's birth parents, and unfortunately in Libby's case I only know bad things. But I assure you that making the brave decision to allow her to be placed into an adoptive home outweighs all the bad. I mean just look at these photos and see what an awesome creation they made. I think if more women could know how much birth mothers are loved and appreciated that there would be less pregnancies ending in abortion and more in the unimaginable gift of ADOPTION!



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