The Holly Jollys

Luckily where we live is in close driving distance to Grapevine, TX "The Christmas capital of the world". One of the wonderful events that Grapevine Vintage Railway hosts is The Polar Express. So for Thanksgiving since my sister and her family were in town we decided to take the kiddos to ride the rails :) It was really neat and novel and hopefully something they will remember forever.

While waiting to board the train they had this little play area set aside for the smaller children.   Libby loves Thomas the Train and of course everything is fun and games until....

some other kid tries to take Thomas away.  As you can see from Libby's expression that was NOT going to happen.  So instead of pushing it around or riding on the Thomas toy she carried him around like this:
Ezra and Maddox avoided said toy stealing by playing with their toy trains in the roped off parking area.
One of Libby's most favorite people is Steffan, her Godfather.  She just calls him "my Pri" which is short for his last name Primeaux.
Ezra LOVES getting to hang out with his cousin Maddox and when they are together they are inseparable.
To me this look says, "anyone want to get into some mischief?"
Each passenger got a commemorative Polar Express ticket.
Here is the conductor punching our tickets.
As many of you guys have experienced, here in North Texas shortly after Thanksgiving we had a CRAZY ice storm.  School was cancelled for 4 or 5 days!!! I honestly can't even remember.  I had such bad cabin fever that most of those days are a complete blur to me.  Our heater went caput, and the inside of our house hovered around 58 degrees during the day.  It was COLD for this south Louisiana girl!  One of the fun parts though was playing outside and my kids Ezra especially loved the huge icicles so we had icicle wars.
This one did scare me a bit though :)   I was like geez dude, you're gonna slice my throat?  maybe I'm not the only one with cabin fever!
Doing the icicle boogie :)
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I feel like time is literally just passing me by and I'm stuck in some kind of warp.  I can't believe that Christmas has already come and gone and now I'm having to plan for Valentine's Day cards and class gifts.  Kindergarten has been soooo time consuming.  I love that Ezra is having the time of his life and adores his "friends" and especially his teacher, but man I feel like I'm constantly playing catch up and we're not even doing any sports right now!  There have been lots of changes for us here at the end of 2013.  Hopefully including a new job for Michael with American Airlines.  I can't wait to see what 2014 will bring!


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