Another snow day...

I grew up in south Louisiana and LONGED for snow. I only saw snow once in 25 years until I moved from Florida to Oklahoma and had to drive by myself in a snow storm! It was so bad I had like 1 foot of visibility and kept hearing these things thudding against my windshield. I finally decided it was just too dangerous to keep going so I pulled over and when I did I saw that the "thuds" were actually BIRDS falling from the air FROZEN! I felt like I was in the apocalypse or something. There were birds ranging from owl and hawk size to small little sparrows all over the road. As a veterinarian it was devastating but as a newbie to winter weather I was fascinated and awed. Since our time in Oklahoma we have had at least a little snow every Winter here in TX. While most of the country has experienced the "snowmageddon" this winter I have to say that in Fort Worth we have fared well. Only one bad ice storm and a bit of snow last week. Ezra LOVES snow and couldn't wait to build a snowman. We didn't have much snow to work with but at least our "micro-Frosty" was a hit! Here are some photos from our most recent snow day.

Libby is NOT so fond of the snow.  I was shocked when she slipped in the ice but seemed to be okay at first.  

All she wanted to do was eat the snow.

Ezra liked trying to catch the snow flakes on his tongue.
Then it was time for a snow ball fight.  Unfortunately the kid has quite an arm and he pegged me right in the left eye.  After that snow balls were off limits and we moved on to snow man building.

At first Ezra said that his snowman was actually Frosty's brother named Gelato Texas Michael Frosty.  
I had a little top hat from an old clothespin doll and some twine for his scarf.  His buttons and eyes were made of mulch.  We tried to put him a mouth but it kept falling off.
Here is Gelato in all his snowy glory :)


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