I'm trying to be better about posting to the blog, after all this is my digital scrapbook to my children since all of my intentions of creating actual real-life photo albums much less scrapping for them is simply just not going to happen. After all just getting time to upload this photo requires holding Libby on my lap feeding her jerky (something it takes her a while to devour) to have the required time needed to actually upload and post/comment on photos. So that aside we were able to take a road trip to the Texas hill country this weekend and it did not disappoint! We really had a blast. I think I only told Libby to take her feet off of the head rest TV screen 1,134,768,999 times; stopped to let the kids take turns using the bathroom 5,400 times; said the words "stop it" 10,112 times; seriously debated throwing myself from the vehicles 3 times; and I actually only teared up once before I got my blood pressure to simmer down and pulled it together. We visited the Enchanted Rock State Park, quaint and historic Fredericksburg, then we went to Boerne to visit the Cascade Caverns and stayed at the Tapatio Springs Resort for a night.  I would love to post more info on what we did and make recommendations, etc. but honestly I just don't have it in me.  I'm lucky I even got to write these few sentences without being called away to fix one disaster or another.  I did post several reviews on trip adviser however b/c I myself reference that site before booking any hotel or going to any attractions/restaurants, etc. so if you're really interested just pop over and take a look at the comments there.

A view of Enchanted Rock while driving with my camera hanging out of the window.

About to begin our ascent up the mountain.  I don't think it's truly a mountain but that sucker is HUGE and my butt, thighs, and hamstrings were screaming - MOUNTAIN!!! at me the entire time.

It's hard to get an idea of scale of the place but if you look really really really really closely at the photo below you will see where it looks like the "dome" is sprouting some hairs.  Those are people folks.  Yea... it was HIGH.
Since we literally decided to turn the car around (and not because of the kids this time) I was woefully prepared for a hike much less a mountain climb.  Tory Burch did NOT intend for her Reva's to be used on this steep and slick terrain!  A man who kind of trailed us for most of the hike/climb was like, "Oh my gosh, Torys!!!  I HAVE to take a picture for my wife.  She won't believe someone was out here climbing in Tory Burch!"  I'm not sure how I was supposed to take that.  I wore them as long as I could but when it got too slick I just had to go barefoot - ouch!

Taking a break before pushing for the summit.
Yeah.. that's right... chocolate BACON!  

A stroll down the shops of Main Street revealed this outside the front door - genius!  

You had me at "Bier"!!!

Libby was more interested in turning her straw into chopsticks and used them to eat her green beans!

I didn't realize how warm it would be and when the kids saw the hotel pool the HAD to go swimming so we made  a quick trip to WalMart and got some new swim suits.  Libby of course had to get some new shades as well.  

We were walking up to the pool and Libby literally just walks up to this beach chair and plops down like this.  The girl is 2 going on 21 I tell ya!


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