Hoppy Easter!

As per usual I'm late posting photos BUT at least I'm posting them right :) So for Easter we went to Louisiana to see Michael's family.  We had a crawfish boil on Friday and an Easter egg hunt on Saturday then we had to leave to come home that evening since Michael is in training in Dallas for American Airlines.
I was lucky enough to snap a few cute pics of the kiddos amid all of the chaos that ensues when the cousins converge.

Libby - the shoe stealer

Hudson's already ready for T-ball!

The Wallace boys - Hudson


Libby leads Hudson around by his neck.  Poor baby, he doesn't stand a chance.
The boys found a dead crawfish and an inspection ensued.

If there is something that you absolutely don't want your child to put into their mouths I can guarantee you that Libby will find it and do just that.  I am constantly pulling random bits of disgustingness out of her mouth.  

Ezra is my little scientist.  He loves to watch surgery videos on youtube and he's really into dissecting things.  We dissected this crawfish so he could see his brain.  Yea, it makes me proud :)  I love my science geek!
Time for the egg hunt.  Found one!!!!

Easter morning at the Burk house.  They weren't into it at all folks.  I managed to get a couple of them together but it was definitely like herding turtles.

The first rose of 2014


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