The Libby files

I took all of my photos/videos off of my iphone today and needed to share them on this blog which is my digital scrapbook. I have no idea how to flip the videos to the right direction so I appologize for that.

Our bathing beauty!

Libby's first and hopefully only trip to the ER.  She had non-stop vomiting but luckily a few hours stay and she was MUCH better.

Don't do it!!!

A trip to the zoo with these two!

No better place to be then on Daddy's shoulders

People always ask us if they are brother and sister... you tell me... love is thicker then blood.

Ezra is the best big brother ever!

Happy Easter!

Libby lived in this swimsuit this summer.  No matter what I put her in by the end of the day she was wearing this.

Wearing the "wig" for Ezra's muppet puppet.

Happy Halloween.  Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Lots more photos to share but I can't leave the 2 littles alone by themselves downstairs any longer :)


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