Sister trip to Disneyland for Spring Break

I just noticed that I hadn't posted anything to the blog since DECEMBER! Yikes! I am failing in my photojournalism of my kiddos early years. A lot has been going on with the Burk family lately. Michael is no longer in the Navy and has been flying non-stop for American Airlines. We sold our house in 1 day and closed on it and moved out in 3 weeks! We are now living in a small apartment trying to save some money while our new house is being built. We have finally agreed on a floor plan after MONTHS of back and forth with our architect so at least now it feels like we are getting some forward momentum going. My own job is now sort of in limbo in terms of staying full time or going part time. Ezra played basketball and then soccer and we are currently "sport less" aside from Libby's gymnastics and it's really nice not to have to worry about getting him to/from practice and games. 

And now onto Disneyland: So this Spring Break my sister and I wanted to take advantage of the military discounts we get for Disney tickets as well as my free flights with American and we decided to take our kids to Disneyland. It was so wonderful and everything I hoped it would be. I was very sad to leave and with I could go back tomorrow. I always want to stay that the cheapest hotel to save money but my sister is the polar opposite and always wants to splurge for luxury. Since she was paying for the room with her earned Disney points from her business credit card I didn't object when she wanted to stay at the Disney Grand Californian Resort and Spa. I have to say that it was PERFECT! There was a full bed and bunk beds with a trundle in our room, myself and my 2 kids stayed in the bunk beds and my sister and her son slept in the full sized bed. The hotel is centrally located so you never need any transportation. You just walk one way to get to Disneyland and the other to get to Grand California Adventure Park and Downtown Disney. It made it very easy to go back to the room for mid-day naps and showers (a MUST). The lobby was insane and I absolutely would stay there again. As far as Disneyland goes Libby was totally enamored of the princesses and loved meeting all of the characters. I loved the parades the best and I would advise everyone to make sure you schedule time to see each and every one of them. Fantasmic was super scary for small children and I kept apologizing to my screaming/crying/frightened kids every 5 seconds for bringing them to that. Even as an adult that is not something that I'd recommend getting a dinner pass for. World of Color though was wonderful and very appropriate and the kids liked that one much better. We got a dinner pass after eating at Ariel's Grotto and the food there was great. Cars Land is a MUST see at NIGHT! Radiator Springs is all lit up with neon and it's just like in the movie. I absolutely would make sure you at least can take a stroll down the street at night and maybe get a churro at the Cozy Cone.

Waiting to board the plane to California:

My sister as I said is all about luxury so she booked a limo for the kids to take us to the resort.  It was a HIT!  They were freaking out the whole ride.

The lobby of the Grand Californian Resort and Spa

I think we bought Minnie Mouse ears w/in 15 seconds of getting into the park :)

We ate lunch at Flo's cafe.  It was neat inside but the food was just average.

Because of the popularity of the Frozen "world" they had little kiosks where you can get a buzzer that alerts you when you can go and meet Olaf and play in the snow.  We were just walking along and Libby mentioned seeing Olaf and a lady was walking by and just gave us her buzzer b/c her son was too tired to go!  So we got in a shorter line then we would have had to get in and were able to just walk right in!  I would highly suggest getting the buzzer because we waiting quite a while even with one so I can't imagine if you didn't have it.

We had a Mickey themed breakfast on Main Street where we met Oscar.  He's been working at the same cafe on Main Street (sadly I can't remember the name of it) for 52 YEARS!  He was one of the highlights of our trip. I loved talking with him about the "old days".

Waiting for the parade

Libby's eating a Dole Whip.  I waiting in line at the Tiki Hut forever for that thing and I have to say that it was not all that.  For all the hoopla about Dole Whips I was totally unimpressed so I'd say skip it.

This is what the boys would do when princesses would pass.  


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