Day tripping

This summer we've tried to take the kids on little mini trips when both Michael and I have a day off together (which is very infrequent unfortunately).  We decided to check our our first Rangers game.  Of course we were ill prepared never having been before.  We got tickets to a 1pm game and got seats in the blazing sun.  It was SO HOT that Michael bought us an umbrella but didn't realize that half of it was clear!  The seats were like molten lava and we went through water like camels in the desert which cost a small fortune.  It was still a great experience.  The Rangers lost but at least that's something we can check off of our to-do list.

Another day we decided to take the kids for a hike at Mineral Wells State Park.  I love it there though I've never done any climbing/repelling Michael did quite a bit when he was in high school.  

Libby is always ready to strike a pose when you point a camera at her.

These smiling photos were all taken before she fell onto a cactus and got 100s of little hair like needles in her hands and shoulder.  What a helpless moment to be stuck on a hike with no idea what to do or how to help her.  Now every time we see cactus on the side of the road she points them out, "Momma look at the casts (her word for cactus)"!

Last weekend I was looking for something for us to do and I remembered that we'd never taken the kids to see the cattle drive down in the Fort Worth Stockyards so we decided to make a day of it.  We went to the drive at 11:30 (really hot!) then went to lunch at H3 (yummy) then walked around for a while and explored the stockyards a bit (death by heat stroke) before we had tickets to see the Wild Bill Hickok show (never made it there because Libby was terrified by the fake gun slingers).  It was SO HOT that I just ache thinking about it.  Luckily we made up for some of the heat issues by visiting a petting zoo there which the kiddos loved.

I didn't get any photos of the other cool stuff we did because I think my phone was melded to my back side from being in the pocket of my sweat soaked jeans.  It was not something I'd do again during the summer months.


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