Update on the new house

These are from a little while back but still wanted to put them in here to chronicle the build a bit. So right now we've got the brick for the facade delivered (it will be painted) and they put all of the foam in the walls and on the ceiling in the attic spaces. So hopefully (crossing my fingers) this week we'll have dry wall up inside which will make it feel so much more like a house and then I can get the trim guy over to start the fun part for me which is all the "jewelry" of the house like the lighting/trim.

So the exterior with be painted brick with cast stone surrounds on the windows and entry and shutters on all of the bottom windows.

There is actually a huge outdoor fireplace on the back porch now which they just put in.  

Can't wait until this 1/2 wall gets sheet rocked so I don't have to worry about the little ones falling through! 


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