A trip back "home"

For me south Louisiana will always be home. I still think it is just one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The huge oaks and the Spanish moss are just delicious and feed my soul. We went to visit my lovely sister Sarah and we decided to spend one day at Jefferson Island and the Rip Van Winkle Gardens. Do yourself a favor and please make a plan to head that way. Not only can you tour the beautiful home and grounds but you are also only 6 miles away from Avery Island where you can tour the Tabasco factory and see the grounds there as well which have some amazing gardens w/alligators! The flight from DFW may only be an hour but with Libby it feels like a lifetime. This trip we passed the time taking selfies and playing with lipstick:

Libby found this leaf and kept calling it her "ponytail".  
I didn't understand why until she turned around.
The lily pads were unreal! 
I mean seriously... God is good!
A view of the Jefferson house from the side walk way.  If you look at the top of the walk way you can see one of the MANY peacocks that lives on the property.

The home is open for tours but you can only tour the bottom floor .  Also no photography is allowed inside the home.     :(  

We learned that peacocks love Goldfish cheese crackers.  On a side note: check out those cute yellow mary janes on Libby's feet!  They are Joy Folie and I got them at an adorable little shop in Lafayette called Kiddeauxs (love the name) on super sale.  I may or may not have left there with 7 new pairs of shoes for Libby Rose.  
I loved that their front porch ceiling is painted the same Haint Blue as ours here at home.  As you can see there are no bird's nest or bugs taking refuge up there.  If you are on the fence on whether or not to paint your ceiling blue DO IT!  I swear it works awesome.


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