Thank the Lord for Halloween Costumes...

Here are 2 of the outfits we got Ezzy for Halloween. Actually the skunk one was for my brother but my mom kept it and is letting us use it for the Ez. I bought the Ewok but it's a bit too small. Michael and I couldn't wait until Halloween to take pics of Ezzy wearing them b/c as Michael said, "this is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life"! So for Halloween we'll likely go with the skunk and I'll paint Ezra's little nose, etc. He's so good about wearing the hat and all thankfully :)

Ezra as an Ewok (though he sort of looks more like a squirrel to me)

Ezra as a skunk :)

Happy Skunk

Sad Skunk

The dogs aren't sure what to think about this new family "pet".

Thought this song went great with a Halloween themed post :)


Justin said…
Great find.!! Both costumes are super cute. I too got a similar Skunk costume from Costume Kingdom.

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