An easy and inexpensive way to display your Christmas cards...

I bought an old rustic wooden frame at a garage sale a year ago for $15.00. I wanted to use it for the "general store" sign for Ezra's birthday party but that never came to fruition, so instead it's just been sitting in the garage eating away at Michael. The garage is HIS space and when too many of MY things start accumulating in there he gets antsy.
I usually just tape up the Christmas cards we get in the kitchen but this year I remembered the frame and had an idea:
I just used a staple gun (every woman should own a staple gun) and tacked down some polished hemp string to the back side of the frame at distances I estimated would be far enough apart to allow the average Christmas card to hand nicely.

I also bought some clothespins at Target and sprayed them with an adhesive spray inside a cardboard box so as not to make everything sticky and used some German glass glitter to add some bling to one side of the clothespins.

And here's the finished product with some of our cards hung up.  Quick and easy but still cute and more then just a piece of scotch tape.


Richard said…
Nice idea, where to display Christmas cards..

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