Ezra likes my muscles

Yesterday Ezra and I were sitting on the couch watching a movie.  Here is the conversation that followed:

Ezra: "Mama...what's that?"

me: "what's what babe?"

Ezra: "THAT" (pointing to my boob)

me: "well, what do you think it is?"

Ezra:  he was thoughtful for a while, then said, "your muscles"

me: "yes, Buddy that's my muscles." (how do I explain boobs to my 3 year old?)

Ezra:  "you have BIG muscles"

me: silence....

Ezra:  "I like your muscles!"

me:  Lord help me. 

Guys and boobs... who knew they started so young!


Joy and Geoff said…
Ha ha. Had nearly the same experience here two days ago. I was holding my 3 year-old while my husband opened birthday gifts, and my brother stood watching. My little guy (who since coming here nearly a year ago has occasionally patted my chest without saying anything), poked my breast and asked what it was. I tried to appear calm, cool, and collected in front of my (hopefully distracted) audience, and said that it was part of my body. He didn't question further, so I left it at that (but that followed a conversation earlier in the day about why babies drink milk from their mothers, and he has had the chance to observe breast-feeding, so must be putting it all together).

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