Free printable carnival invitations

This year we are going to do a joint birthday party for both kids. Their birthdays are barely 2 weeks apart and with family scheduling difficulties I opted just to do one big party. I am planning on doing a Carnival theme and was looking for invitation ideas. I was thrilled when I came across these online mainly because they looked like something I could recreate myself and I'm a total sucker for anything with a 3 dimensional detail.

If you would like to purchase the originals directly from Birthday Express click HERE

If you're more of a DIY type person, you can purchase these black spinners HERE

Here are my printable versions. Just click on the image to enlarge and then save to your computer. I did 2 text variations b/c I wasn't sure myself which one I prefered.  I have NOT printed these out myself yet but they were created as 6X6 squares.  You may have to play with the size in photoshop or which ever program you use just to be safe.  Also you'll just have to imagine them with the spinners attached.

Lastly, to cover up the back portion of the exposed spinner "apparatus" I also created a blank backing to print all the party details on, and to then adhere to the front portion to make a sort of "spinner sandwich" :)


Chaos Mommy said…
Thank you so much for these!! They are cute. I put the blank side through Picmonkey and added my party details. I'm not creative enough to come up with this stuff.
Ranell said…
This is great; thank you so much for sharing! I direct our AWANA boys and girls Bible club, and this will make the perfect invite for our end-of-the-year carnival! We even have a cake-walk and water balloons, so all of the little spinner 'landings' are perfect! :) Thanks again. Blessings!

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