A day at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Today I decided to take Ezra and Libby to the Renaissance Festival in Waxahatche, TX. It was pretty neat and REALLY hot. There were so many amazing costumes, and all of the metal and leather work was really impressive. Ezra was into all the armor but all of the dressed up ladies were "gross". Although he did ask me to watch the belly dancers :)

Libby was so excited to have her face painted.  She would likely have stayed in that booth forever staring at her reflection like Narcissus.

They also had pony rides which she was really excited about. Any time we see a cow on the side of the road she asks me if she can "ride it".

We also saw an acrobat show that featured rats!  Here is Libby with a couple of the performers:

Overall it was a good day.  Took forever to drive all the way out there but at least it's another thing to cross off the list of family outings.


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