Mini stay-cation

Michael had several days off in a row a couple weeks ago so we decided to make the most of it and try to go to Washington D.C. Unfortunately the stand-by fairies were not in favor of this idea so we weren't able to fly to D.C but we instead decided to enjoy what we have around us here in DFW.
We took my brother Weston with us and totally by chance he and Ezra were dressed in the same outfit.

We went to the Dallas Zoo (a bit of a let down for sure) where Libby was obsessed with the goat butts. Yeah... she's special.

They did have a dinosaur exhibit but part of it was closed.  We had to take a photo in front of a Questsaocoatlis (I don't know how you spell it) which is one of my nephews favorite dinos.

We decided to take the kiddos to Medieval Times.  At first it was very loud and they were totally freaked out but that soon faded away and they got really in to it.

As you can see Libby seemed just thrilled to be here:

We then took them to the new Klyde-Warren park in downtown Dallas.  Super cool place to take kiddos for free.  There was a splash pad and 2 playgrounds with this treehouse.  They also have places to sit in the shade with kiosks of books to read and board games to play that you can check out for free.

Later on in the week my sister came in for the kiddos birthday and we all went to Great Wolf Lodge, Legoland, and the Sea Life Aquarium.  The kids loved driving the little forest ranger lego Jeeps:

Maddox built a "sail boat-car" and tested it out on the Lego track.
Libby loved climbing up onto everything that said "Please do not climb" and I being a fantastic mother and rule follower promptly took her down AFTER I was able to snap a couple cute photos of course.

Fantastic aquarium.  I would recommend it to everyone.

The birthday kids got special wolf ears at Great Wold Lodge.

Maddox and the Great Wolf Mascot Wylie.
Libby needed a little break and luckily Uncle Weston made a good pillow.
Sayce took Libby to the potty and Libby told her to take a picture because she was making a "big poop".  This.Girl.Kills.Me!

The park is HUGE with indoor and outdoor portions.  The weather was really crummy so we just stayed inside but it was great.  I will definitely go back but only when the kids are a bit older and can really swim well.  It was nerve wracking with all of the other children running around trying to watch both of them.
The boys loved the slides.
Sarah got the party package which included having your room decorated with a cake waiting.
Special arm bands that gave the kids free ice cream!

Driving home from Great Wolf Lodge headed back West this is what I was greeted with.  We have been having rain everyday for a month with severe thunderstorms/tornados all around us.  I was very hesitant to drive into this "wall" of the unknown.


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