First day of court....

Well today was the first time that any of our AWAA families appeared at court to get full custody of their referred children. Luckily all of the babies passed and those families will be traveling October 25th!!! So I'm excited to expect lots more pictures of our darling Ezra. Sad news is that the courts changed a rule about older children's paper work and of course once again didn't actually tell the adoption agencies so they went to court with the wrong paperwork - arrrggghhh. So several families will have a rescheduled court date some time next month. So more time to wait :( Also one of the family's baby girl is in the hospital in Addis w/ pneumonia so please keep her in your prayers as well. Still no word on our court date, but I did speak with our coordinator and she said she was 80% sure we'd be back in the U.S by Jan. 16th (my sister's wedding).


Kimberly Kulp said…
Girl, you know we'll be in Ethiopia over Christmas. You just know that that level of chaos will happen to our group. It follows us!

Can't wait to be biting our nails for court with you!


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