Sad news for us today

Well looks like our travel plans for having Ezra before Christmas aren't going to be happening. A WHOLE group of families did not pass court this week so their new court date is December 2 and their travel will be during our old travel dates of Dec. 13-20. SOOOO we got bumped to January. Because of all the holidays, etc. we'll have to wait until January 9th to travel. And that's if we actually pass court on our first try. The Ministry of Women's Affairs is having paperwork issues lately and things are getting forgotten or mixed up so the courts can't approve the adoptions. Lots of drama. I'm Mrs. Type A so I just wish I could go over there and get a system going and process these adoptions myself :) SOOO frustrating and heartbreaking. I really thought we'd have him before Christmas, PLUS with our new travel dates I'd be gone for my sister's wedding and I'm her maid of honor. We can still hope and pray for a miracle b/c I know that the Lord can make it happen but if it's not in his plan then what can you do.


Kimberly Kulp said…
I'm praying hard for both of our kiddos, Becky! Maybe they'll be bed buddies and best friends by the time we get there!


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