First families to travel are leaving soon!!!

Well the family taking our little "happy" to Ezra are leaving Oct. 23rd!!! I'm sending onesies, vitamins, eczema cream, and a rattle. I can NOT wait to see new photos and hopefully some video of him. Still no word as to when our court date will be :( and no tentative travel dates but I'm still hoping for mid-December. I was doing really good with the whole patience thing but it's starting to be more difficult. I think if we had more photos or at least could see him growing while we can't be together it would be easier.
Also our shoe drive for "orphan souls" was a SUCCESS! We gathered 71 pair of shoes and 12 pair of socks. We also got a donation of $75 to give to Buckner International. Hopefully this will become an annual or semi-annual thing and we'll continue to grow and eventually get in the hundreds!!!


Kimberly Kulp said…
Hooray, Becky and Michael! What a great blessing.

Now let's hope we hear travel dates soon!


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