It's official!!!

Well our tentative travel dates are CORRECT! If we pass court by December 2nd then we will be traveling December 13th to get Ezra!!! Exciting and scary news all at the same time. There's a lot to do in 3 weeks to prepare for a baby. Plus I'm going to work right up until we leave since I don't get maternity pay (bummer) so that's not much time :) I tried to spruce up the old blog with a slideshow and such b/c the milisecond that we pass court I'm going to post tons of pics of Ezra for all the world to see our little man. This whole journey has kept my stomach in knots, ie. waiting for confirmation that our dossier was safely in the hands of the staff in Ethiopia, then waiting for a referral, then waiting for travel dates, now waiting to pass court, THEN waiting to actually travel to get him. I'm just soooooo anxious for this to be over with. I suppose then my stomach will be in knots hoping that he doesn't get sick or injured :) Maybe it just never ends. I'm going to just enjoy the moment and try to rest in the Lord.


Kimberly Kulp said…
HIP HIP HORRAY! So, is this really happening to us? I LOVE this change! We're going to have so much fun together on that long flight. I'll share my ambien ;0)

You're my person! See you soon. GO TO BEDDDDDDD!! If you forgot it, chances are I'll have double!

Anna said…
So glad to be TTD buddies with you! I never ends...always something more to trust the Lord in!
praying for you!
Danielle said…
Hey Becky! So, now I've resorted to stalking anyone that might be able to help me with pics :) I saw your comment on the yg to Pete--I'm not exactly sure how it works--can YOU send me a picassa invite?!? Thanks! (either way :) )

Blessings, Danielle

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