New Photos

Well we got some new photos today of our boy!!! I'm still waiting for the Terwilligers to send us their pics and video but at least we have at least 5 or so good pics of him at the transition home. He's got a bit of a runny nose so now I'm paranoid about that turning into pneumonia - yikes! I can't wait to pass court so I can start posting some of them for everyone to see here. Still no word on travel dates yet. Soooooooo frustrating... all we can do is hope and wait for more pics to come rolling in so we can watch our baby grow that way.


Kimberly Kulp said…
Ezra's just fine, Darling! Devon Michael has a runny nose all the time. It's no longer rainy season in ET so the moisture that has contributed to the pneumonia in the past is gone. Also, Ezra is a good size and is obviously growing. This means his immune system is working well!
Now if we could only get our boys to grow hair on the back of their heads!

Love ya!
I know the wait is hard! You just hang in there! We are all praying.

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