Okay, well I'm trying NOT to get too excited but we just got an e-mail saying that our tentative travel dates are December 13-20th!!! These were our original dates but then we got bumped to January (or so we thought) and this afternooon I got an e-mail with the December dates, so I don't know WHAT to think, but I'm pleading with the lord for it to be December so then I could make it to Sarah's wedding! I would LOVE to have our little man before Christmas. I hope to find out for sure tomorrow. Us, the Kulp family, the Tennants, and Semlow's all received the December dates. I'm just remaining optimistic but we'll see what tomorrow brings. It's soooo hard not to let my heart get too happy :(


Anna said…
WOW!!!! I sure hope that is the case!!! I am so excited for this to happen. I will be praying that it does. We will God-willing have a huge travel group!!!
Kimberly Kulp said…
Girl...I don't even know what to think right now. My brain is mush. If we get those babies in three weeks...I can't even go there without crying!

Love ya and praying for good news tomorrow!
beBOLDjen said…
Yeah travel buddie! We're so happy you're coming with us :)

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