Ezra is crawling!!!

As of 3/6/09 Ezra Burk is crawling everywhere! It was like a light went off and then bam!!! he just did it! Now we're in trouble! He can really boogie and is in to trouble in no time. I have been working all week so Michael's had his hands full for sure. We're not really appreciating Kim's advice to get a pack and play or a "cage" as Michael calls it. I'm like, "where's Ezra?" and Michael will say, "oh he's in his cage." Can you tell we're dog owners :)
I have my surgical consult on Monday for my gall bladder - YEA!! I'm so excited to get this thing taken out. But I'm sad to see the money leave my bank account of course. Here are some more pics of our boy. Enjoy!


awww what a wonderful milestone and you were able to be there for it :) Ezra is beautiful! Where is he adopted from? Our Noah is from Taiwan! The most amazing thing we ever did! Can't wait for the rest of the children of my heart! :)

Noah's mama

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