The Road to Recovery..

Well I'm now 3 days out from my surgery to remove my gall bladder and I'm feeling much better today. It was way more painful then I'd expected and I've been pretty much bed ridden the last few days but so far so good. Still some sharp pains every now and then with some nausea but overall much better. The worst thing is that I can't pick up Ezra for 3 weeks!!! It kills me!! He just puts his little arms up for me to take him and I can't, I hate it. Six of our AWAA families have court today so please keep them in your prayers. The quicker people pass court and get their kiddos the quicker they can make more matches and give out referrals. Our friends the Semlows are still in limbo with their sibling group of 3 so say an extra special prayer for their family please.


Glad you are feeling better...hopefully the next few weeks will pass quickly and you will be feeling great in no time!

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