Re-adoption Day!!

This morning we went to court in downtown Fort Worth and "legally" changed Ezra's name from Yosef and now he's "officially" a U.S citizen, or at least he will be once I file that piece of paperwork but we will be getting him a U.S birth certificate. The morning started out with a bang when I forgot to set our alarm, then we're running through the house trying to get us and Ezra ready, traffic was a nightmare, I had to go to work right afterwards so Michael followed me with Ezra and got lost, we get there 15 minutes late, rush through security, rush through the sign in process, then we go into the court room and we're the first family called up
- yikes! Really easy though and kind of emotional. They give each of the kids a stuffed animal afterward. You can see in one of these pics that Ezra got a cardinal with fluffy hair which he promptly tried to eat :). After we were done in the court room, Michael heads downstairs to get the certified copies, and we're done - wheww.. Or so I thought... I go to pay the parking fee $8.00 for both of our cars and I notice.. no wallet! ahhhh, where did I leave it??? I manage to pay the $4 with change but Michael is stuck. I rush home to see if I left it there (we leave 30 minutes away) NOPE, ahhhhh-momentary freak out) call Michael to see if he can go and look for it since he's still at court and he says, "no they let me leave I'm almost home"! ahhhh- this means I have to drive ALL the way back to downtown to look. Call 2 different security guards but no one has found a wallet. Finally get into downtown and as I'm pulling into the parking garage - AGAIN, Michael calls to tell me he found my wallet in a random drawer at home! Thanks you dear Lord and Saint Anthony!!! I am the only one working right now and I just saw all our funds being stolen away... but luckily that's not the case so I can relax. Now Ezra is ours for good and we're DONE!


Robbi said…
Hey Becky Lee! I didn't know if you knew it was me, Robbi (Thibodeaux). You live near Ft Worth? I live in Waco. Just thought I would say hi. Sorry your day was so hectic, but glad everything turned out great. Take care!
beBOLDjen said…

.... What a day!

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