Adventure Day!

After our hike Ezzy was all tuckered out.


Look at this amazing tree growing out of this rock! Pretty awesome.

Today Michael, Ezra, and I decided to have an adventure day and went pseudo-rock climbing in Mineral Wells State Park. The back pack carrier came in really handy though it was difficult to clear some of the lower branches along the paths. We had a blast there but really wanted to go for a swim so we then decided to drive the extra 30 miles or so to Possum Kingdom Lake and went for a dip at the beach there. I LOVE Possum Kingdom! I so want a house there. I'm a water baby myself so just imagining all my days off spent in a boat made me quite envious. Mineral Wells was quite a surprise. Michael had been climbing there before but I didn't expect it to be so awesome. The photos do it NO justice. We didn't do any repelling or anything obviously b/c of Ez but maybe one day when he's bigger we will. Talk about a work out. Hiking kicked my butt!


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