My Somali Family...

I spent the afternoon with my fabulous Somali family that I volunteer through Catholic Charities with. I'm in love with them. They are just amazing and so full of life and sunshine :) It's so fun to practice English with them and then in turn try to learn Somali. I am failing miserably at it I think. One of the only words I can really remember is for necklace! hahaha can you tell how much I love jewelry :) I even tried to learn a little bit of Arabic as well. Very interesting written language.
The family is a family of 6 (single mom and 5 kiddos- 2 girls and 3 boys) Right now we're searching for jobs for the girls before their government benefits run out - eeek! Not much time and very little progress :(
They are just gorgeous girls and very smart. I look forward to seeing them again from the minute I drive away from their apartment complex. I highly recommend to everyone to get involved with a refugee ministry. You will LOVE it!


alisa said…
How fun -- what a neat opportunity to spend time with your new friends!!

(Oh, and, Geaux Tigers!!)

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