Garage Sale Success!!!

So this chilly weekend Michael and I had our garage sale for Ethiopian orphans to raise money to ship much needed supplies to Ethiopia when I go in January. I asked for donations from our neighborhood and church and we received TONS of stuff. We actually probably sold about 55% of what we got and made around $1,800.00!!! We still have to sale the canoe and a large sofa and that will put us over the $2K that I was praying for. I'm thrilled that it was a success and also thrilled that it's OVER :) We worked our butts off and I have the sore muscles and wind burn to prove it. This southern girl does NOT do cold. The first morning there were actually ice cicles forming on items and we were out there at 6am setting up. Luckily we had 2 fantastic helpers, Marchella and Candice without whom we would have been doomed. Also thanks to Mr. Ray and Mrs. Pat as well as Eric for all their help with take down and storage! If you donated items and are wondering what we're going to do with what's left, I had a family from church volunteer to do another sale in their neighborhood in the Spring, some stuff I'm donating to the family from Somalia that I volunteer with, and the rest we'll donate to Catholic Charities.
I also have a few pics of Ezra playing in the snow we got unexpectedly the other morning, but I'll have to post those a bit later on. Also I put up our Christmas tree today and Ezra has already brought me several ornaments, pointed to them, and said "ball?". Can't wait to see what the tree looks like by the time Christmas gets here :)


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