White Christmas in Texas

I just typed up a long post and accidentally deleted it along with all the photos I uploaded!!! - yuck! I do not feel like typing it all over again so this one will be short. I leave in less than 2 weeks for Ethiopia and I just can't wait. I should be preparing my lectures and instead I'm trying to catch up on my blogging :) We were blessed with a white Christmas this year which was fitting since it was Ezra's first Christmas at home. I wish he would have been a bit older though to really enjoy it. My brother loved it and created the "snowman" you see below. The icy roads were very hazardous and I was so sad for the many people that were stranded on the side of the road on Chrismas Eve night. I wanted to stop several times but it was so slick that even with my brakes on our 4-Runner was gliding at 25 miles and hour!!! I was super nervous and never want to have to do that again. What do I know about driving in snow and ice?? In south LA we called sleet snow just b/c we wanted to see snow so badly. Shoot, sometimes if it was a really thick fog I'd use my imagination and think it was snowing :) Of course then we moved to OK and I found out really quickly what snow was and how when it "sticks" for a month it's not so much fun anymore.
Michael made me very happy this afternoon when he asked me... "do you think we should just go ahead and adopt a baby girl next?" We have been planning to adopt an older boy from Ethiopia for a year and have just been waiting for his Navy job to start (still no news on that by the way) but lately I have been feening (spelling?) for a baby girl from Nepal. I have done some research into different agencies and have had multiple applications next to my nightstand but it seemed so far away since most agencies are already booked up with familes for 2010 AND with the recent government upheaval everything has seemed to slow down so much. So we'll see what happens. I just don't want to have to wait over 2 years to get her. We still will adopt an older boy no matter what but we just don't know if we want to wait until Ezra's older or what. We'll just have to wait and see what the Lord has in store for us.

This is my brother's snowman :)

Ezra went crazy with the tissue paper.

The remnants of Christmas at Nona's house.


Becky said…
I am wanting a baby girl too! Like you I have several agency applications on my desk and just can't decide what to do. I have a friend who just adopted a baby girl from Nepal and she is so precious!
Sarah said…
sis! Get a girl! We need a girl in our family! We will go crazy getting things for her! I just hope God blesses you with one sooner rather than later! Love ya!
Sarah said…
hey sis!

YES! Get a girl! You were made to have a girl! She will be so spoiled! I pray that god puts everything in order so we can go get your baby girl! Now...a boy is great, but I just don't think anyone can compare to Ezra!

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