Digital Diva in training :)

Michael and Ezra are out of town this weekend visiting family and I had to stay behind to work :(. BUT that did leave me lots of time to upload all of the digital scrapbooking materials I bought. (I have to cut myself off, there's WAY too much cute stuff out there). So I started watching some tutorials and voila - you can see the results below. I had so much fun designing the blog button for the Melloan family that I decided to offer my services to other families as trial runs :)
I then plan to hopefully design blog buttons/widgets/labels for a small price in order to raise money for our Dem. Rep. of Congo adoption! These are the ones I made this morning while our electricity was out. Luckily my computer battery was fully charged :)


Becky said…
I want do you do that? Love those! You are getting really good and will have to start charging since most people don't know how to work their blogs (like me!).

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