New Button Designs

This morning I got an e-mail from a fellow Democractic Republic of Congo adoptive mom and she said she'd seen my blog and wanted me to maybe try and design a blog button for her. Well I was THRILLED b/c this is exactly the sort of thing I LOVE to do. Now of course I am not a graphic designer and have little idea what I'm doing so I know these aren't "mind blowing" but I wanted to share them all the same. The title of their family's blog is "At Our House", which is why I tried to incorporate it here.

I have lots more ideas but I have to go to the dentist :( - bummer. I hope to post a few more designs a bit later on.


Allison said…
becky! those are great! keep at it, you're really good!
Becky said…
those are awesome! i wish i knew how to do that stuff. i am so not blog savvy! love your new blog look!!!

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