Finally photos!!!

This weekend my sister came in town with my new nephew Maddox and we cooked out at my mom's house and Ezra went for his first swim of the season! The kid LOVES water and splashing as you can tell.

This weekend we also went to the air show at Michael's new Navy base here in Fort Worth. Ezra LOVES airplanes so he was in heaven for a while. That is until it got really loud then he wanted to go home :(

Pointing out the airplanes to Daddy.

Michael and I went to Granbury and saw this sign along the way. We thought it was hillarious and tried to come up with a good post title for it but never really agreed on anything so I just thought I'd add it here. Looks like Marian couldn't make up her mind on what kind of shop she wanted to have ;)
This is Ezra's airplane/Super Grover impression. He uses it interchangeably :) It also comes with sound effects!
The boy also LOVES my headbands. If he finds one he puts it on just like this. He will NOT wear a hat but he'll leave a head band hanging from his head.. hmmmm... strange little dude ;)
Even Herman got to sport the headband courtesy of Ezra.


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