A little funny for you!

So tonight Michael asked Ezra if he wanted to go to a National Park in the Fall. Ezra responded with "No" (not surprising since he really didn't expect him to know what he was talking about). So then Micheal said, "Buddy, you don't even know what I'm asking you, "do you want me to give you a billion dollars?". Ezra didn't hesitate with his answer, this time he said, "I do". hahahaha we were rolling. Then he finished it off by saying, "I'm funny!". The kid only turned 2 in June. It's amazing to me that he's so smart and he's only been around for 2 years.


erik w/a "k" said…
Don't you just LOVE when your kids say funny stuff? You just want to bottle up those moments and keep them forever. Thankfully we have blogs to hold onto the stories for us.
Mike said…
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