Michael doped up...

This morning Michael had his wisdom teeth pulled. I was prepared with my cell phones camcorder but didn't manage to get any funny moments. I honestly was very unprepared for how sad I would be seeing him so vulnerable. In our 6 years of marriage I have always been the one having surgery, etc. so I've never seen him loopy. When they called me back he was still VERY out of it. I honestly didn't think he was ready to go home but they were rushing us out of the room. They wheeled him to my car, shoved him inside, and then the fun began.

Me: Babe, are you okay? Are you in pain?
Michael: (through a mouth full of gauze dripping blood) - I'm okay... it was fun.
Me: What was fun? How was it fun?
Michael: Well they like... give you a shot... then they do stuff... and it's just fun.

Michael then begins trying to put down the visor and misses like 12 times before I can help him. Apparently he wants to look in the mirror, but only manages to slide it open and closed several time.

Then he starts singing..

Michael: "you take him high, you take him low, you take J.C where ever you go(This is the same song that we watched the youtube video of with the girl you talks about unicorns, etc. that was featured on Ellen...)
Michael: I think the Vicodin is kicking in."
Me: no babe, I think what you're feeling is all the other stuff they gave you.

He quickly switches over to asking me if he has gauze in his mouth. I tell him yes that there's gauze and he shouldn't be talking. He then passes out.

15 minutes later we arrive home and I try to help him out of the car:
Michael: I can walk.
Me: okay but I'm just going to hold on to you anyway.

He then stumbles out of the car and shuffles along like a 98 year old. BUT when we get into the middle of the kitchen floor he starts this bopping motion (if you have a toddler you know what I mean. It's that squatting motion that they do when they are dancing to music). THEN he stars to shake his butt and move his arms.

Michael: I'm dancing!
Me: Great babe, but lets get you to bed and you can dance later okay.

Michael then plops on the bed with his head facing the footboard.

Me: Babe, you're facing the wrong way.
Michael: What?
Me: you're facing the wrong way.
Michael: Like Picasso?
Me: What did you say?
Michael: My face is the wrong way, like Picasso?
Me: NO NO your head is the wrong way you need to turn around.


Michelle said…
That totally had me laughing! I hope he feels okay tomorrow =)
The Davis' said…
That's stinkin' hilarious! I'm sure he was happy to hear about it all later :)

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