Please pray for my computer :)

So a week ago today my computer died. Ezra had stepped on it and cracked the case where the battery charger plugs in but I had managed to figure out how to manipulate it to still be able to charge. Well Michael decided that he wanted to use my computer but he does not have my "mad skills" and thought if he used more force that the machine would ultimately lose and have to submit. The machine, not to be outdone sacrificed itself for it's pride and is currently still in computer heaven. So I '911-ed' the computer to Best Buy, and the "Geek Squad" guy just took one look at the computer and one look at me (already misty eyed) and couldn't even bare to tell me the bad news. He said he'd have to send it to Kansas to have a diagnostic (diagnostic?? I just need a new case right?) and then they'd call me with the price to fix it which he assured me was likely going to be VERY expensive. So for SEVEN days I've been LOST w/o my computer. I've got at least a dozen design orders and EVERYTHING is on that computer.
Tonight I got a voice mail from the Geeks at Best Buy to tell me that the cost of the repair is $509.00!!!!!!!!!!!! That's more then the cost of the computer!
So the plan for tomorrow is to call every computer repair shop I can find and see if there are any less expensive options. C'est trop cher!!!! Je veux queleque chose de moins cher si possible. (it's too expensive! I want something less expensive if possible)

I watched "An Education" tonight. I thought it was great and I just adored how she used her French in conversation. Tres chic! I love French and though I do little refresher courses via a cassette tape and la radio dans moi voiture (the radio in my car) I forget it quite quickly.


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