Does this make me crazy?

So if you listen to 106.1 to the Kidd Kraddick morning show you'll know that they do a segement called "Does that make me crazy?". Well I'm seriously thinking of sending in a comment about my "wack-a-doo" behavior regarding Ezra's Woody doll from Toy Story.
I was telling Michael the other night that I have got to stop watching the movies with Ezra b/c if I see Woody on the floor in an uncomfortable position after being dropped or thrown down by Ezra, I'll rearrange his "body" in a more comfortable looking way. Or if I get out of the shower and I see Woody on the floor I have to hurry up and grab a towel or push Woody so he doesn't "see" me naked. Now I ABSOLUTELY know that he is NOT real and that I'm silly to do it, but there's still that weird nudge in the back of my mind that makes me do these things.
So the other day when Woody's "voice box" got stuck and he's like, "Hey Howdy, hey howdy, hey howdy" over and over and over I just hit him on the ground like usual to make it stop, well this time I think it was a bit to hard b/c HIS HEAD FELL OFF!!! Yikes! So you can imagine how bad I felt for decapitating Woody if I can't stand for his arms to be in an odd position.
For a few days Ezra would carry around Woody's head in one hand and his body in another, and put his head on and off like you would put a hat on and off... it was all just TOO much. So we got a new Woody doll and I threw the old one away. And just to prove to myself that I was crazy for feeling guilty I threw some left over fettucini on top of him in the trash can. But Woody's eyes were still peering up at me from under the noodles and I just couldn't take it, I had to get the him out of my house so I didn't have to see his sad little headless body asking me, "why... why..?"


Joy said…
I've always that way about inanimate animal and human-like objects...whenever I box up stuffed toys, or Christmas things (like my Santas), I like to think of them keeping each other company and socializing in their cozy spot...

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