The past few days...

Well on Saturday Michael and I received a BIG surprise. We got a call about a referral of a one year old baby boy from Congo! We were shocked to say the least, as we had no idea that we even made the cut off for families trying to use an agency operating out of DRC that opted to halt all adoptions until things in country became more calm. Since we hadn't heard anything in like 6 months, we were thinking.. is this God ordained that we accept this child. We knew nothing about him except his estimated age and that he was abandoned. No medicals or any physical exam info. We prayed about it and after a lot of back and forth we decided to give up his referral.
We have no idea if he has heart disease, or HIV/TB/Hep and we'd have to come up with $18K really quickly and start the paper chase really quickly. We only just got licensed for foster to adopt and decided to stick with that plan for now.
I know I'll likely always wonder, "what if" but I just pray that there's another family out there sitting by the phone just waiting for the phone call that will change their lives as was the case when we got our referral call for Ezra.


Becky said…
wow what a surprise call that must have been! totally understand your decision and i'm sure that was an extremely difficult decision. that was one of the reasons my hubby was skeptical of following through with the program. all will work out with that sweet baby and you guys!
Penelope said…
Wow! But there are orphans here that need families too. We have 2 boys through foster care that had nobody else that now have a family. I am looking for a guest writer on adopting children with HiV for Dec.

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